S3 competitor integration


This is a continuation of a discussion to find an S3 competitor.

The main reason is that S3 has bizarre pricing structures and IMO for a large Discourse instance including those based on photo and video it could hit them for a lot of $$$$


Feasibility investigation on Rackspace/Openstack or Google Cloud and the extension/continuation of @zogstrip 's normalization work on image bucket and backup storage. So far the pricing seems very straight forward for Google Cloud hosting. But can it be done? or is it a high threshold pain point that triggers fight or flight instincts? I guess I will judge that by how fast this post gets deleted or closed and killed with fire :smile:



I could do a PR but I am dynamic/procedural candy coder, anything I provide via a PR will be murdered instantly which would wreck my fragile psychology. So someone with thicker skin would need to do this.

(Régis Hanol) #2

Adding a new file storage shouldn’t be that hard since they only need to implement a basic interface. The hardest part will be adding proper test coverage. Testing I/O truly is a PITA :frowning:


I have seem some of your testing ‘stuff’ (evil trout’s actually). And it looks like a HUUUUUUUUGGGE time sink (ice pick to the eyeballs).

but…I believe with the regression that occurred in the past, it’s a necessary evil, right?


Hmmm…that basic interface looks really simple and clean. I think it would need an additional function of

def bucketType (S3/Google) (or something that carries some routing logic through to the other functions)