Safari's new privacy features might be bad for Discourse

Now that Safari hides IP addresses by default, it would allow for trolls and banned users to create multiple accounts on a Discourse community and wreak absolute havoc, right?

Even worse, the whole iCloud+ private relay thing is the nail in the coffin.

I’m worried that this could severely affect my community. Should I be worried? My community already has issues with trolls and banned users coming back in disguise.


There will be ways to combat spamming/trolling but I think its great that at least one large company is fighting for user privacy. Because (most of) the rest are busy exploiting it.

It’s impossible to combat all of it though. That’s the problem.

Privacy features just make it harder for me to track problematic users.

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If it becomes a real problem you can always ban the Apple VPN IPs.


I’m afraid that would do more harm than good, but it’s worth a try. Thanks! :grinning:

I’m still open to any suggestions that wouldn’t result in good users being caught in the crossfire.


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