Safeguarding - disabling profiles and chats for young people


Couldnt seem to find an answer to this already.

We are setting up a new community which will be mainly for our adult membership categories. We want to know if we can also use it for our under 18s.

We can only deem it safe if the following conditions are met but I can’t seem to workout from the basic discourse settings if i can do this - are there plugins/components avaliable?

For context we are able to set it up with our CRM that our under 18s will only be able to view and comment in their particular group and will not be able to see or have access to any other group
*it is also a closed community and will only be accessed through registered users on our CRM

  1. Disable the ability for our under 18s to chat with anyone including each other - would be cool to allow over 18s to chat with each other so a targeted disabling

  2. We can’t have our under 18s having public profiles that are viewable by their peers or over 18s - we also cant have them enabling this either e.g. when they post and other people in the group click on their name what is the least ammount of information they can see on the profile and how do we make this default for under 18s

  • Also cant have their profiles searchable in the searchbar by over 18s

If you also have any other suggestions on ways to ensure safegaurding or have experience with communities that include under and over 18s please lemme know.

Thank you :slight_smile:


Hello :wave:

Does what Nat posted in this topic help?

I’m not sure about the second question. Perhaps a plugin?


Thank you! ill keep searching for a plugin for the second question :slight_smile: