Schedule posts/topic?

Versus creating it in a private category and moving it at a later date/time?

Maybe a topic/post could stay hidden until the predefined time if you set a future timestamp on the post?

Yeah, I definitely see benefit, as it removes the manual process from it. But as a workaround you can use a private category in the meantime.


I personally don’t really have a use for it right now, but thought it might be an interesting feature to have in the future.

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I absolutely have a use for this! We have scheduled content that we have manually moved from one hidden category to another. Sure, it’s easy to do, but I’d like to spend time on content once a week and then forget about it.

I schedule tweets. I schedule blog posts. I’d like to schedule new topic posts too.


I can see this as a “staff” feature.

An extra option here:

“Schedule Publishing”

On [Date picker] date the topic will be moved to the [Category picker] category and timestamps will be reset.


I was thinking an “expiring Unlisted” thing. eg.
A post is made but is Unlisted, Then when the “date” happens it becomes listed.

Not ideal perhaps as the post would have the created date, but it might be more doable.

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This would be an absolutely huge feature for us that we’d use multiple times each month. Please please add this.


Just to clarify, is my proposal above what your are after?

I am chucking a “planned” tag on this, cause we want to do something here.


I believe so: > “On [Date picker] date the topic will be moved to the [Category picker] category and timestamps will be reset.” is the feature that I’d love to have access to!

Did anything ever happen with this? Is it on a roadmap with a planned date?

I find I need to put some time between topics in one of my communities. This may also solve some of the topics looking for ways to have multiple drafts in progress if there’s a way to not put a scheduled date on it.


+1 for this feature. I am starting a community where there will be a topic of the week and would love to be able to schedule them ahead of time.


Bump up for this. We have a requirement for this. CAMRA often sends out email communication to our 170k+ members. Many of the topics may involve further follow-up and debate so my suggestion is to include a link to our new Discourse forums but we don’t want them visible until the email has gone out. Chicken and egg in that you can’t get the link until you’ve created the topic. Creating it in a hidden category means that only certain people can make use of the feature so that’s a workaround at best at the moment.

So scheduling the post would be useful but we’d also need a way of removing the schedule thus manually releasing it.


Agree with everyone else. This would be a terrific feature!

Would be an awesome feature. However, only as a staff feature.

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Yes, this is planned, probably for 1.8


@sam excited to see this coming up! Can’t wait, we’ll get so much use out of this. :slight_smile:

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I’ve just had a request for this from my team.

We often post job and learning opportunities on our discourse, which have to be scheduled. She’s thinking outside the box already by considering posting by email using boomerang, but that will have unpredictably formatted posts at a moment when we don’t want to be thinking about them. :slight_smile:

Until @sam’s proposed feature above is in place, I think I’ll recommend she post as a message to herself, then schedule a task for herself to come and convert it to a post on the appointed day. That way at least she doesn’t have to spend time formatting it.

Hi Tobias!

I hope you’re doing well. I have a quick question for you about scheduling/boomeranging posts to Discourse.

I was wondering if there’s any functionality built into Discourse where I could schedule something to be posted at a certain date, and if not, is there a way to create a Discourse thread from email? That way I could boomerang an email and then it would be sent to be published at the date I specified in boomerang.

I know you can reply to a Discourse thread from email, so that makes me think the same is true for starting threads.

Apologies if this information is somewhere else already, I couldn’t manage to dig up anything on it.



It would be a very useful feature

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