Schema of internal link meta itemprop url showing http version

my forum has installed ssl and all is working fine. But a single problem I am facing is that in the source code the schema internal links has http version of forum. Because of this google first index https version of the page and after 3-4 days it re-index the same page as http. I have checked this on many urls of my forum.

Here is the example of an url in source code

<div itemprop='itemListElement' itemscope itemtype=''>
      <meta itemprop='url' content=''>
      <a href='/t/isro-gears-up-to-flag-off-cryogenic-stage-on-march-27/300' itemprop='item'>
        <span itemprop='name'>ISRO gears up to flag off Cryogenic Stage on March 27</span>
      <span class="page-links"></span>
        <span class='category'>[<a href='/c/indian-affairs/science-technology'>Science &amp; Technology</a>]</span>
      <span class='posts' title='posts'>(1)</span>

Have you reloaded? I just checked and looks good to me:

and checking under the Security tab in Chrome’s developer thing, it says “All resources on this page are served securely.”

Yes the ssl is working fine. But my problem is that google re-indexing my urls as http version because the schema of the internal links has http version.

Try searching your settings for “http:”. Perhaps you’re referring to the insecure site in some setting.

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Thanks, I forgot to enable force https in settings. My problem is solved, thanks for helping.