Screen goes dim when cancelling message

Steps to repro:

Tap on the hamburger:

  • Go to Users
  • Click one profile
  • Try to open the message icon
  • Do not send the message, just press cancel
  • The screen will goes dim and you should either refresh or reopen the community to navigate again.

Using my iPhone 7 plus.

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Is this happening on meta?

Yes. It also happens in other forums. I can record it if that helps.

Please. I can’t repro off that for some reason. Unless it is a Apple only issue as I am on android.

In the video, once the screen goes dim, I try to press my profile, or the discourse logo, but nothing happens.

Im digging this currently, I think this is related to .card-cloak not being hidden in this case for some unknown reason, ATM.

My best guess is that something recently made discourse/card-contents-base.js at master · discourse/discourse · GitHub not working.

If I call this._hide() manually from close in user card component, it will correctly work.


Ok this should get fixed by:

Thanks for report :+1: