Scrolling text box in a post

Is it possible to enclose a part of a very long post within a scrolling text box? It could be useful when you need to create a caption, for example.

Thank you for your help.

I’d recommend using the existing “Hide Details” function for this, like so:


This text will be hidden

Click the gear icon in the editor, then Hide Details. Or enter it manually if you prefer:

This text will be hidden

Also note that code blocks (4 space indent) have a max height but your font will be forced to fixed-width for the content.


Thanks. I have considered using Hide Details, but my text block is too long… it would oblige the reader to expand a lot of blocks.

I didn’t thought about using code blocks. I encounter two obstacles with that : long lines need horizontal scrolling, and the max height remains far too high. :confused:

I’ve also tried some HTML code like that, without success.