SCSS variable theme issue after update

Just did internal update, and then rebuild with launcher.

And now have this stacktrace on screen instead of my site:

Error: argument `$color` of `red($color)` must be a color
app/assets/stylesheets/common/foundation/variables.scss:145, in function `red`
app/assets/stylesheets/common/foundation/variables.scss:145, in function `dc-color-brightness`
app/assets/stylesheets/common/foundation/variables.scss:180, in function `dark-light-diff`
app/assets/stylesheets/common/foundation/variables.scss:207 on line 145 of 
(red($color) * 0.299) + (green($color) * 0.587) + (blue($color) * 0.114)\

Where can be issue?

I did a few upgrades last night, so even though it mentions this file : discourse/variables.scss at master · discourse/discourse · GitHub

I doubt it’s an issue with core.

Could you try the safe mode in your forum and disable one thing at a time?


I’m not an expert but it could help you find the source of the issue

Yeah, I already tryed it. But have the same issue on safe-mode page, too.
Can I somehow disable my theme?

Strange, but it works only if I choose “Simple Dark” colorscheme. Any other give me this issue. Even if I copy “Simple Dark” scheme.

Seems like it was fixed recently. Thanks.


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