Seamless transition between chat- and topic channels in shared category (or topic, group etc.)

Now if you click the #chat title here, you’ll be taken to the #feature:chat page, and there is a link from that page, to the category’s chat channel



I like this feature! Note that when you do that, the Open chat button is present even if chat is already open. Selecting it appears to do nothing which is a bit weird.


niceee; much more cohesive already. Seeing this in action now, it feels like this is the more obvious place to put it:

and the top-top menu (feature:chat) should be kept when in chat window

That whole top section should not change. The only thing that changes is the particular channel of feature-chat you’re on, e.g. the topics channel, the chat channel or the docs channel. Final terminology still pending…


yeah I agree

ill look into moving it there


I don’t see an Open chat button at the upper right or Chat in the topic menu. Has this changed?

I would support putting a chat button near the + new topic button, wherever that new topic button is, because any time I want to post a new message, I need to decide whether I want to post it as a topic or within the chat.

Also, have there been thoughts around putting chat next to the category when using the sidebar theme? Maybe something like this?

Or this where the channel is listed right under the category?

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