Chat on a topic test!

I think it’d be useful to test how chat works when attached to a topic.


I think a “Reply via Chat” or “Open Topic Chat” below the post would be very helpful. I didn’t find it intuitive to click on the chat icon next to the topic title.

My biggest challenge is figuring out what to put as a reply to the topic versus what to do with chat. Perhaps it’ll be up to the poster to clearly spell out which feature is used for what and perhaps I’ll find it easier to wrap my head around this when I test this with an actual use-case.


I’m kinda guessing the topic/chat distinction will be highly community-dependent. Actually, I could see it being even category-dependent in my community, depending on the topics and users involved.

+1 on having a more clear chat indicator, though I suspect that might be problematic once the chat retention settings are implemented and old conversations start getting timed out.


I now have a use case to test the chat on a topic functionality. Yay!

I noticed that a user that doesn’t have access to the chat feature will still see the chat bubbles next to the topic title. I think it makes more sense to hide that icon for people who cannot use the chat feature.


It was even more confusing to me that the speech bubbles icon isn’t clickable in the topics list.

I opened the topic, and when hovering the icon on the title, the cursor changed to a pointer one.
I assumed that it was part of the topic title (which confused me since I couldn’t click on the topics list, as I said…), but it opened the chat when clicking on it.

I think as well that the chat-linked feature should be way more obvious.


It would be good if there were a clickable link from the chat to the topic.

Currently you can go to the chat but need to use the forum search function to find the topic.


You can click on the title: :+1:


That seems really obvious now! Thanks. Links on Discourse are usually a different colour (on Meta, blue) which may partly account for this oversight of mine…