Search Bar pops up when adding new topic or replying

Hi, just today my forum became largely unusable in the mobile discourse hub app due to it going to a search screen anytime I hit add new topic or try to reply to posts.

We didn’t change anything in the back end, so I’m not sure what the issue is.

On a computer, a search bar pops up and won’t allow me to click the hamburger menu or my account icon, but I’m able to navigate a bit and still reply to threads.

Any advice would be great! Thanks!

Does the issue still occur if you use safe mode on your computer?

Can you post a link to your site?

Hey Joe. Doesn’t happen in safe mode.

Site is

There’s an issue with one of the theme components you’re using. Enter safe-mode again, then go to admin > customize > components and look for Discourse Header Search

Once you click on that, disable it for now with this button.

Everything should work normally then, except you won’t have the search bar in the header. You should still have the magnifying icon - the default Discourse search.

You can then post on the theme’s topic, and I’m sure it will get fixed as soon as possible.

Search Banner Component

Once it’s fixed, you can update the component and then re-enable it.


Thanks so much Joe. I went into the Admin panel and there was an update available for that component that seems to have fixed it. I appreciate the help!