Topic template is confusing on mobile

It says first press Search at the top of the screen,

Well I did, and the keyboard pops up, and now it’s not clear where I am inputting words into.


This shows for everyone opening a new topic in support, it’s called a Topic template. You are supposed to remove it and then compose your post.


Yes, but following its instructions leads to a UX disaster at least on a cell phone.

So there is competition between the topic creation buffer and the search buffer. They can’t coexist.


Hmm… I don’t even see the header when opening a topic:

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What is happening here is when you clicking search it navigate you to the /search page and the focus is automatically goes to the search input this is why the keyboard shows up but the opened composer hide the whole page so you can’t realize what is the actual page where you are and seems nothing happened. But when you start typing it will put the text to the search input field.

I think it would be nice if the composer minimized automatically on mobile (Android) when it is navigated to an other page. :slightly_smiling_face:


Okay things we type are going to the search box which is hidden… 100% UX disaster!

I don’t either, which means there is no magnifying glass icon “at the top right” when that text is displayed. I’ve never liked that template. Some sort of dismissible panel might be better.

I didn’t like that template either. And that’s why I changed it. As supposed.

So this topic isn’t UX of Discourse anymore, if has ever been. It is topic of UX of Meta.


You’re right. It belongs in site feedback really. They’ve had topic templates since at least 2016 (Topic templates for categories and other alternatives) but I think the one in question here was introduced within the last couple of years.

“Can’t blame me” for being unable to tell if it was a

  • local feature, as it turns out to be, or
  • the way the newest version of Discourse looks.

Nope, without full details, like

available to the end user, it’s all a guess.

I have moved this to site-feedback because it’s specific to Meta and the template we use here.

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