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Hi! :wave:t3: Newbie here and don’t know if this is the right place to post, sorry

I want to create a support community, i.e. users will be helping each other answer questions. I have seen other support communities where they make you search for answers before you can post a question. Is this possible with Discourse??

I see that Discourse has this cool wiki feature. All the more reason to have members search for posts before they post a new question.

Thank you!


I’m not sure if this is the best options, but you can make these with simple JavaScript.

If user search words, save them and create an sessionStorage. If he trying to create new post, check sessionStorage.

If sessionStorage contain one words from topic title (or content), allow user to create topic. Otherwise, disallow it.

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Hi David! My suggestion would be that you spend a bit of time with the software before seeking to add features like this. You will find discourse covers this particular need in a few clever ways when starting a topic. New users get a notice reminding them about community guidelines. Any user posting will get a notice if their topic is similar to another, existing topic.

Ironically, there is a topic about just this already, which you would have found if you had searched before posting. :scream_cat:

Edit: just tried this with a new topic containing “search before posting” but the topic I linked to here did not show up in the “your topic is similar to…” popup. But using the full title worked - see screenshot for how it appears.