Search dropdown in header doesn't toggle

Clicking the hamburger and user header icons toggle their dropdowns on desktop view. The search dropdown currently doesn’t.

On mobile I’m not sure what the intended behavior should be. But to abandon a search, one could only use the browser to navigate back.


Clicking anywhere outside of the search modal will close it.

Not sure if this is technically a bug, it might be more of a ux issue.

I agree though, it should be consistent across all three elements :+1:t2:

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Yes, on desktop. I still think it’s a small bug/glitch on desktop, because why shouldn’t the panel toggle on click, just as with the other two panels.

On mobile, I didn’t intend to report a bug. But just ask what’s the ux idea on mobile. The hamburger and the user icons open a slide-in-panel. It can be swiped back and my location on the page didn’t change. Search directs to a new url and I’d need to navigate away from it. To me, it would make the ux more predictable if there’d be a consistent result for all three icons as well. E.g. they could just all slide in from the left.

Confirmed, @pmusaraj has been working in this area. Maybe he has some ideas?

Thanks @nolo, I had noticed this a while ago as well and noted it but then forgot. It’s now fixed in FIX: Toggle search menu when clicking the same button by pmusaraj · Pull Request #13781 · discourse/discourse · GitHub


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