Search Function change

I’m a Moderator for the Anime Network forums, and I have a question.

I’ve spent the last hour looking through several threads and haven’t found what I’m looking for. Also, I’m not very tech-savvy and may have found something and didn’t realize it.

There was a Discourse update on May 3 and the Search function seems to have changed.

Before then, if you typed into the Search, those words would stay in the search box the next time you opened it.

Now, after doing a search, the next time I open the search box, it’s empty.

This is annoying to me because when I’m trying to make a new thread, I go through the forums and collect everything on that particular anime and merge it all together. Now I have to keep typing the name into the search box every single time. (This also happens when I’m searching posts in an individual thread.

There are many posts that I’m looking for, as many as twenty+, and every time I click on a post to look at it, I must enter the name in the search box again to look for the next post.

Is there a way to turn this back “on” in some way?

I have no coding experience at all so cannot experiment like some of your other users.

Any help you can give me would be appreciated.

Thank you,

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I can see the old behaviour of keeping the search term and results in version 1.6.0.beta1 (March 31). I’m not sure if the change was deliberate or a regression. Maybe someone else on the team knows about search-related changes.


Almost certainly a minor regression related to header rewrite by @eviltrout

Here’s a fix for this: