Dropdown search box results now cleared after clicking on 1 result?

Hi there, I was wondering if the recent change in the dropdown search box behavior was intentional or accidental? It used to remember the query and the results after clicking on a result, and it did a soft load of that topic page, and then clicking on the search icon again showed the same search results immediately, making it much faster to look through a bunch of search results. Now on my recently updated forum and on Meta it requires hitting <Enter> again to bring the results back, and I’m pretty sure it runs the search query again too.

Here’s a Discourse forum that hasn’t been updated yet, because it still has the older search drowdown behavior that I prefer:


This is happening on my forum also, it’s annoying when you’re trying to collect a lot of posts in one thread.


Thanks @rahim123 for raising this :slight_smile:

This was not an intentional change of behavior. I will take a look at fixing it next week.


Awesome, thank you!

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I have submitted a fix. Should be merged soon :slight_smile:


Excellent, thanks very much!

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