Search function doesn't find keywords in urls

When searching for a string that is present on the meta in a url (e.g. discourse-rewards) there are no results coming up even though this string exists in a url posted on meta. I’m not sure if this has bene discussed previously, I apologize beforehand in case my question is redundant.


I guess you are talking about:

The post tokenizes to:

'/ahmedgagan/discourse-rewards':23 'admin':34 'alreadi':8 'brows':30 'com':22 'contribut':3A 'discours':39 'featur':11 'find':17 'forum':2A '':22 '':21 'instal':26 'marketplac':6B 'paid':1A 'plugin':14,19,28 'point':4A 'reward':40 'search':37 'set':32,35 'system':5A

I recall @tgxworld limited some of the URL splitting we do:


Is now being split to: and and '/ahmedgagan/discourse-rewards'

I think limited splitting on path was deliberate here so we don’t bloat the index too much. We may be able to refine this, but not in the urgent list.


I often encounter this on meta when searching for a plugin that is posted as link. I guess in the future it could be a good idea.