Search 'My Posts' by Default

Some might consider this a ‘Feature’ category item. I’m filing it as a Bug because it’s an inconsistency in the user interface and is therefore more of a design flaw or implementation flaw than a potential feature. -LJP

When a user views anything in their profile views (Messages, Topics, Replies, etc.), content displayed on the screen is from this context (Messages, for example). When searching in Messages, the ‘messages’ context is automatically applied to the search:


From ‘My Replies’, though, the context is not applied to the Search. The Search bar does offer a filter for “in posts by ”, but the search context is global by default.

The user can click on this filter to activate it but one expects the “My Replies” filter to be applied by default, like it is in Messages.



Apply the context of “Topics” and “Replies” separately, depending on the view filter chosen in the left sidebar.

[EDIT: ] A follow-on feature that might warrant some attention while “working under the hood” on the above is:

  • allow a search filter on ‘Read’ posts (past tense, as in “seen”). I often use Search to find something I read in a post but don’t recall enough about it to devise a narrow search argument. If I could narrow the Search scope down to posts I’ve read, that would remove most of the superfluous search results.
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As this isn’t a ‘breaking’ issue I’ve slipped it over to #ux :+1: