Search Results Bug - Mobile

Hi all. I recently came across a #bug that I’d like to share. I wouldn’t be surprised if this is already known but I couldn’t find anything on the forum.

When I utilize the search bar, results come up as usual. However, if I slide my finger over, a blank area appears, as shown in the video below. After some testing, it seems as though there is a larger blank area for larger search terms.

I’m not able to reproduce this all the time on all sites.

This occurs in my browser (Safari) and in the DiscourseHub app.

Hi @lucaviness

As a quick fix, you might consider trying this in your mobile CSS:

.fps-topic > .blurb{

I could reproduce this on our forum (since we have a lot of “long lines of single string code”) and installed the CSS (see below), and it did the trick:

Screen Shot 2020-08-14 at 2.16.34 PM

I am going to install this on our forums as well.

Good catch!

Hope this helps you.

Update: The CSS above has an unintended consequence on the composer textarea element and so this selector should not be used.

Thank you! I’m not an admin so I don’t believe I’ll be able to do that. I’ll try passing it along to the them though.

Hi @lucaviness - thanks for reporting. We made a fix for this a few days ago

We’ll get the fix deployed to infiniteflight very soon