Search User by Associated Account (easier way)

Hi folks, Does anyone know of an easier, non-technical, non-sql way of searching for a user based on their Associated Accounts?

I helped set up a Discourse server that is connected to a Patreon Account, however customer support needs to search the discourse server for users by their patreon email. Sometimes that might be different from the user’s primary email.

The customer support is not technical enough to use SQL or the Data Explorer.

What options do we have to perform this search without using Data Explorer that is easy for her to use?

Let me know if there are any options besides this option which requires Data Explorer: API Get User By Associated Account ID

What about try those steps, although they may not be fully suitable:
1. If users include their Patreon email in their profile:

  • Navigate to the user’s profile page.
  • If the Patreon email is publicly listed on their profile, you can manually find it there.

However, this method would be very time-consuming with a larger user base.

2. If the Patreon email is set as a secondary email:

  • Go to the admin dashboard.
  • Navigate to “Users” list.
  • You can then search by email.
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You can create a data explorer query with a parameter so that customer support will need only enter the username in a field and hit the search button. It’s hard to imagine anything easier.

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You can also make that explorer query available to a group to make it cleaner to look at as well, as it would leave out the SQL part and just be the name and input box. You can also add that link to their sidebar/header dropdown menu as part of a custom section as well to make it easier to access. :+1: