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I would like to match users from a list of email addresses coming from an other app, in order to add all the users to one group, and remove members that are not in the . I’ve got a script doing that from the API.

The removing part is easy. For each member, I extract all their emails with:
and I try to match each one against the list. If there is none, the member is excluded.

The including one is trickier. For each email address, I want to see if there is a user with that address. If there is, I add it to the group. If there is not, I don’t want to send an invite. I use the command:
but this command returns a list of users with that address as primary, an not the ones with that address as secondary, nor unconfirmed_emails, nor associated_accounts. Is there a way to filter from every possible email addresses, or should I export the list of all users and do that by hand externally ? I would prefer doing it internally so there would be less risks of data leaks.

Thanks !

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The Data Explorer plugin might be suitable for your use case.

You can use it as an API and create your query based on initial inputs.


Thank you.
I managed to do it with this plugin, using this query:

-- string :q_email

SELECT u.username FROM users u JOIN user_emails e ON u.id=e.user_id WHERE e.email = :q_email

And calling it with the python script:

import pydiscourse
client = DiscourseClient('https://forum.com', api_username='system', api_key='1234')
params = '{"q_email":"' + str(email) + '"}'
response = client._request('POST', '/admin/plugins/explorer/queries/{number}/run', params={"params":params})  # Yes, there are 3 params, each one representing something different. Good hacking practice !
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