Searching a topic for a specific keyword

Some users on the Amazon forum of discourse are querying whether it is possible to do a
browser search on an infinite scroll page for a
key term on a given page of a thread instantaneously

The complaint being
Since Amazon introduced the ‘infinite scrolling’ format for this forum, I can no longer search individual threads using my browser search. Really annoying as that is by far the most effective way I’ve found to search long web pages.

Does anyone know of a solution to this problem?
Thanks for any help.


What I do is very simple. I enter a topic, then I open the search function and there is an option which allows you to search anything based on specific letters / words.

After you select that, you can then write a specific keyword and posts containing that word will appear.


Thanks for that
, hit the “Search This Topic” button :man_facepalming: [I should’ve thought of that]
Just tested and wroked perfectly for me, I’ll pass that on and see if it is what they wanted


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