Searching Users returns a maximum of 20 users

When searching users by Searchable user custom field values, there is only ever a maximum of 20 results returned, even though I know from Rails console queries that there are around 200.

I thought this might be related to the ‘hidden’ site setting DISCOURSE_RATE_LIMIT_SEARCH_USER which I have amended to 50, but although this env var did get recognised and was contained in the final block from the ./launcher rebuild app output, there is no change. I am guessing that this setting is more to do with rate limiting than the number of search results returned (although searching Meta and the Discourse source I couldn’t find any documentation of this setting at all)

Is this limit of 20 an internal Discourse limit? Is there a way to change it?


I can reproduce that with the username. For example, returns only 20 users. But I expect more users at Meta to start with “M”.


Thanks @Moin for the repro.

Is there anything I can do about this 20-user limitation in searching? The forum team which raised this issue want to be able to use the search to find other people with similar research interests. At the moment, the seemingly arbitrary limitation prevents the search being much use for this.

This limit of 20 has to be a setting somewhere, surely?