Searching Users returns a maximum of 20 users

When searching users by Searchable user custom field values, there is only ever a maximum of 20 results returned, even though I know from Rails console queries that there are around 200.

I thought this might be related to the ‘hidden’ site setting DISCOURSE_RATE_LIMIT_SEARCH_USER which I have amended to 50, but although this env var did get recognised and was contained in the final block from the ./launcher rebuild app output, there is no change. I am guessing that this setting is more to do with rate limiting than the number of search results returned (although searching Meta and the Discourse source I couldn’t find any documentation of this setting at all)

Is this limit of 20 an internal Discourse limit? Is there a way to change it?


I can reproduce that with the username. For example, returns only 20 users. But I expect more users at Meta to start with “M”.