Secondary Emails with SSO

How can I send the Secondary Emails with the SSO callback?

I’m using this PHP library:

Or how to add Secondary Emails to an user manually?


I really need this as well.

On my website, I’ve got multiple emails linked to one account. The user can use any one of them to connect.

When the user logs in to my platform, I also log him on the forum.

When he uses a different email than his main one, even though I specify his discourse ID and Username, Discourse creates a brand new user for that email. :confused:

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The original question here is still unaddressed. As far as I can tell
(1) the SSO sync calls do not parse secondary emails
(2) secondary emails cannot be specified on the user by API using the /u/{username}/preferences/email route, if the “email editable” setting is not enabled, which is required for the “auth overrides email” setting typically used with sso.

This is unfortunate, as secondary emails are very useful for identifying inbound email and I have them on my sso provider. There seems to be no way to provide them to Discourse.