Self serve SSO email synchronisation


I have a Discourse which has local accounts on it, and a separate membership system for a local hackerspace. I’m trying to bring the two together with SSO but we have instances where the emails are different for the same user (and no shared field to link the two).

As logging into a local Discourse account is disabled when Discourse Connect is enabled, users can’t currently self-serve.

Feature idea
It would be great to be able to let users self-serve the synchronization of email addresses to avoid the need for admins to manually merge the newly created accounts with their existing account.

One approach would be an API route where a login link can be sent to a given email address, which when clicked only lets that user update their email address which would follow the existing update email process. This would then let the user log in via SSO with the matched email address.
This would rely on the existing log in link process working with Discourse Connect enabled.

Many thanks