Security RSS feed vs mailing list

Hello Discourse team,

I see that you have a security feed here:✓&q=SECURITY&type=Commits

This is very helpful for those of us who would like to stay on top of keeping our instances patched. However I noticed that there is no obvious RSS feed button so that I could keep track of these changes without checking that URL each day. Furthermore, I admit that I don’t use an RSS reader at work, so if I were to set one up, this feed would be the only one that I’d use it for at this time.

Ideally, I would love to subscribe to a mailing list that would notify me of security patches in DIscourse. I could subscribe one of our ticketing system’s email addresses to that list so we would be quickly notified of security patches right away.

What do you think about setting up a mailing list for this purpose?

Thanks, : )

If managing your own RSS subscription isn’t an option, you could use a service like IFTTT to send emails to you. Here’s an applet that I’ve used in the past - looks like @LeoMcA created it


I just published the applet that we’ve actually been using:

Basically the same, but you can send to any email addresses and post to a slack channel for maximum pingage.


Thanks for the input. I tried setting up RSS locally, but Liferea decided to use this generic commit feed URL: I tried adding the GET parameters from the Web page URL, but that didn’t filter the results. The feed only shows the most recent 20 items, so none of the recent security alerts were shown.

I took a look at the links you provided, however they appear to require non-free JavaScript to sign up to them, so I’ll keep my eyes open for alternatives.