See all topics that link to a topic

Right now–in some cases–if I create a topic (topic 1) and link to another topic (topic 2), there’s a listing on the linked topic (topic 2) that shows topic 1 linked to it.

For example, I created a topic that linked to this topic. If you view that topic, you’ll see a reference right under it to my topic. But this doesn’t seem to happen all the time.

  1. When does this happen?
  2. Is it possible to view ALL topics that link to a certain topic? (for example, if I create a topic, and then 50 other topics link to it, is there a way for me to see a list of those 50?)

It should happen all the time:

Wouldn’t this be the same as expanding the link list under the post? For example the FAQs get a lot of links:

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Thank you. That does seem to address it well–I missed how this shows up all the time.

For the link list, where is the setting to control how many are shown (13 in the example you provided)? I have searched admin settings under ‘link’ and ‘topic’ but am not seeing it yet.