See and set user notification level for topics and messages

I am trying to troubleshoot an issue with a user who is not getting email notifications as expected, and realized that I am not able to see or set their notification levels for topics and messages. Is there a way to do this that I am missing?

Also, I seem to recall this being reported in the past but when on the category preferences of another user, when I select “show watched topics” or “show tracked topics” or “show muted topics” the link is about my own notification levels and not about this other user I am trying to help. See links below and screenshot.

  • https://SITE/?state=watching
  • https://SITE/?state=tracking
  • https://SITE/?state=muted

Should this not be e.g https://SITE/u/USERNAME/?state=watching or some such?


@maja can you add that to your list?

These links should point to the user you’re editing/viewing the preferences of, not the current user.


“Show watched topics” links to the latest topics with param state=watching and even if there was a way to see user’s latest stream under something like https://SITE/u/USERNAME/?state=watching, it would not be of much benefit since you still wouldn’t be able to change notification level for topics.

It’s only possible to change topic notification level if you impersonate them, hence one solution here would be to impersonate and link to /latest?state=watching when clicking on “Show watched topics” for admins.


Oh I see where this confusion came from @tobiaseigen wants:

I think this is far to uncommon to add. For diagnostics I would recommend data explorer. @maja can you:

  1. Add a stock query to data explorer to view list of topics a user is watching.

  2. Don’t render the “Show tracked topics” etc links IF you are viewing a profile that is not yours.


“Show watched/tracked topics” links have been removed for admin and data explorer default query for topics a user is watching/tracking has been added: