How to change the notification levels for all users on a topic?

Does anyone know a safe way to set the notification levels for all users on a topic to a single value? I’m guessing that it would be something in the Rails console.

I want to set all the users on a topic to “Mute” or “Normal” instead of “Watching” or “Tracking.”

The goal is to reduce activity on a big topic in a complex moderation situation.

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Admin menu
User Preferences

Wait sorry you mean just 1 topic. Yeah imagine may need rails

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What about enabling Slow Mode? Would not it help to reduce the activity? :thinking:

This situation is complex and I don’t want a visual indication that triggers a public discussion about it that might take up hours of moderation time. (I’m already completely overwhelmed.) The ideal outcome is that people just aren’t reminded that the topic exists.

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I would unlist the topic. Then it is hidden from the forum so probably most users won’t see it there anymore. But when they have a link to that topic (e.g., because they received a notification), they can still open the topic.


Though, just to note, if they’re Watching it then they’d still get notifications when it’s Unlisted.

I think you can now use the /t/TOPIC_ID/notifications endpoint to set the notification level for a user on a specific topic, if that’s a more appealing choice than the rails console?

Extra details
  • The API user should be an admin(so they should have global scope) to be able to change another user’s notification level.
  • Endpoint URL: siteurl/t/<topic_id>/notifications
  • Request type: POST
  • Parameters:
    • username or external_id of the target user. If empty, the admin’s own notifcation level for the topic will be changed.
    • notification_level: integer value corresponding to the level
      • muted: 0,
      • regular: 1,
      • normal: 1, # alias for regular
      • tracking: 2,
      • watching: 3,

But for the rails console I think it would be this: (remember to take a backup just in case before trying to change things in rails :warning:)

TopicUser.where(topic_id: TOPIC_ID).update(notification_level: 1)

(1 is normal, 0 is mute)

That would change the topic level ones, but there may be category and tag level ones which may still affect who gets a ping for new activity.

And a little data explorer query to check the levels for users on a topic if that’s useful too:

FROM topic_users
WHERE topic_id = TOPIC_ID

Thanks for the detailed response. I’ll try the API tomorrow.


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