Seeking a better way to organize plugin site settings

(Mittineague) #1

I am in the process of updating my “plugin outlet locations” plugin.

AFAIK there are currently 42 plugin outlets.
I could have only one setting that enables / disables them as a whole, but I would prefer to offer more granular control of displaying the individual plugin outlet locations.

I can use the settings.yml file to add the settings to the
Admin -> Settings [Plugins] pane
BUT even if it is a “developer only” plugin it seems a bit rude to add 42 settings into the mix.

Alternatively, I can use the settings.yml file to add a “button” i.e.
Admin -> Settings [plugin name]
that goes to a pane with the settings.
BUT although this seems less rude, it doesn’t feel right adding a plugin button to what otherwise consists of application buttons.

What I would like to do is add the settings to
Admin -> Plugins [plugin name]

After working through the “Purple Tentacle” tutorial, I am able to have the template work with the controller. And I can display settings in it.

But I have been unable to find the way to include settings controls into it.

It may be that what I have tried was just going about it the wrong way, it’s equally as likely that I tried the right way but didn’t have the right syntax needed.

A point in the right direction will be most appreciated. TIA

(Robin Ward) #2

What you want to do is a little complicated, but what it sounds like you want is to create your own template and controller + server side action to update site settings. This is similar to what we do for embedding controls. Those are stored in site settings, but the interface is custom.