Seeking developers to create Discourse video podcasts for a STEM platform

We are looking for Discourse enthusiasts to host webinars for our students and/or provide technical mentorship. Webinars are post edited to capture best shots and converted to video podcasts.

Our goal is to introduce students to Discourse and open source development through one or more webinars. Students will then work in teams to do plugin development with a stretch goal to interface with student teams working on Machine Learning based recommender & embedding algorithms.

We know that you are busy. Here are the salient points in brief:

  • Logistics: Webinars are hosted via zoom, scheduled at your convenience and post edited into video podcasts, STEMCasts┬«. Upcoming webinars are uploaded to the platform and advertised on our social media pages.

  • Content: A mix of personal journey & technical content. The technical content serves as a learning resource for upcoming Virtual-Internships hosted on our platform.

  • Goal: Inspire students to explore new areas, get students comfortable with interacting in group settings, help students navigate upcoming projects and sign-up for the ones they are most excited about.

  • Timeline: Any time slot in April would be perfect. This would give students adequate time to plan and prepare for the summer projects.

  • What is STEM-Away┬«? A career hub for students and junior professionals with a mission to provide real world experience and showcase opportunity to all.

  • Who are the students benefiting? Our students come from a wide range of schools, including top tier universities, community colleges, and high schools. We are creating an ecosystem where students of varying experiences collaborate in a way that everyone benefits.

  • Current STEM-Away┬« career pathways are: Bioinformatics, Machine Learning, Full Stack Development, Cloud Architecture, UX Research & Design.

Our students are highly motivated to learn. Talk about what you are passionate about, to an audience that will hang on to your every word. There are students who have never had the opportunity to hear directly from an expert like you. We need your help to level the playing field in STEM.

Happy to answer any questions about our platform. Many thanks to the Discourse team and plugin authors for an amazing software.