Seeking Discourse developer(s)

Hi! I’m Robert, in charge of DevRel at We’re about to launch a Discourse instance as part of our developer portal. Rather than do customisation and maintenance internally, we’d like someone from the community to help us out. The engagement would involve a medium amount of work in the near term, with a small amount of ongoing maintenance and customisation tasks going forward.

Contact me at:

What would you like done?

  • SSO with our authentication system
  • Landing page with some dynamic functionality
  • User widget and header customisation
  • Ongoing maintenance (eg. testing updates)

When do you need it done?

Start ASAP, ongoing engagement

What is your budget, in $ USD that you can offer for this task?

Let’s discuss.


Paid work, of course.

After answering the first inquiry to my post I realise I should give more detail. As a hosting company, we’re planning on running Discourse ourselves. What we’re interested in is finding someone who has the requisite RoR experience, plus familiarity with Discourse’s particular weird brand of use of RoR, who can help us make the customisations we’re looking for without seriously forking the system.

The SSO part should be straightforward as we have an OAUTH based SSO using our own site as the provider.

The landing page should either be in Discourse itself (there’s a plugin that does that), or, if that’s too complicated, in some minimalist technology that supports scripting. RoR would be fine. PHP is fine. Python is fine. The functionality on that page includes some basic stuff like customisation based on authentication status, pulling some data from our APIs and displaying it, and potentially pulling stuff from the Discourse API and displaying it (eg. the new messages indicator).

So setting up Discourse is not the big challenge - we’ve done that. Customising it at the Ruby level is what’s requested.

Hey, Robert! This sounds like it’s right up the ProCourse alley. Feel free to hit us up at and we can work on a quote and such.


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