Seeking examples of ToS for private communities

I’m looking for examples of ToS for private/invite-only communities that protect the rights of posters to their content, and the privacy of community members.

I’m part of a couple communities like this, with slightly different policies—but these policies are just norms, they are not described properly in the ToSes.

One community follows ‘Vegas’ norms—what happens in the community, stays in the community. Members are not to share or discuss community content outside of the community without the express permission of the poster of the content.

The other follows ‘Chatham House Rules’—unless explicitly stated by a poster, one MAY share or discuss community content as long as all attribution and identifiable information is removed. E.g. “Someone said XXX” but never “Jen said XXX”

Very much appreciated if anyone can point me to examples of ToSes that express either of these norms.


Were you able to get anything? Also does anyone know where I can find the TOS template that discourses uses on the discourse GitHub page? That would be a good starting reference to see what updates are going into it.