[Seeking quotes] modify plugins + debug conflicts to create opensource plug-+-play project management system for peace and happiness charity

[Seeking quotes] modify plugins and debugging conflicts between them. Creating opensource plug-and-play project management system for peace and well-being charity

We don’t really know how much it would take to complete as we’ve built so far as a non-monetary volunteer community. We’ve never costed anything before.

We will be opensourcing the build afterwards as a plug-an-play project management system on Discourse.

Things are moving slowly and so a few of us are going to pitch together to put some money into reaching MVP so the community can grow again (we used to run on Slack, FB and Trello).

Suggestions are welcome.

Here’s the brief:

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Hi @AndyatFocallocal - we at ThePavilion.io might be interested in helping with this - tagging in @angus and @eli - we are a fledgeling co-op ourselves and keen to support and help others doing good work (and open sourcing it!)

I’m pretty sure we do have someone else we work with who has abandoned Categories entirely and uses tags in this way.


thanks @Marcus we have one quote so far and it’s from Angus. I’m asking around to see what other offers there are. tbh, i think i need to really strip the bare essentials out of the plan as it’s designed around simple and achievable modifications to existing resources, so hopefully that will keep costs down.

there’s also a possibility that we could licence it out until it pays back the development costs, and then opensource it after - although i’m hesitant to do that given it will built so heavily on the great opensource work of others.

i’d love to see how your other user has solved switching fully to tag navigation. i couldn’t see a way to bring it central to the user experience without modifying the ‘tags sidebar’ plugin to bring that to the center of the main screen, and modifying the search plugin for users who know exactly what they are looking for. We should probably also add bookmarks in the near future to streamline the user experience

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