Paid gig: plugins and a theme

we’re a small team of 3 Devs and we’ve started work on replacing a larger, fully homegrown forum with discourse. In spite of many very custom features in the legacy system we want to develop in sync with discourse and add features via plugins.

As everybody’s new to emberjs we’re looking for someone from the community to join us on a contractor basis.

Initial Projects:

  • Tagging Plugin (in addition to categories, not as a replacement)
  • Search as a route plugin (a search result page where you can filter the results by date, posts, likes, views)
  • User following
  • Portal home: backend configurable homepage; think of an extended /categories with personalized blocks for authenticated users (updates from users I follow, categories or threads I follow)
  • Advanced noscript version
  • XML sitemap
  • Custom Theme

We plan to open source the general-purpose features.
Anyone interested? Please PM.



Big :thumbsup: if you open source the tagging system. Here are some threads worth reading up on:

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I know, tagging’s going to be a tough one. I think this needs to eveolve, start small then fix the pitfalls