Seems cannot "undelete the first post"

I found that, when I delete the second and other posts, it can be “undeleted” , but if I accidently miss-deleted the first post, it will not be allowed to “undelete” the post any more.



What if I just miss-deleted the first post of the full page?

My discourse version:


That has just cropped up in another topic. You should be able to un-delete a topic using these UI elements:

I’m upgrading my test site now to see if something has gone awry. :+1:

I’ve just upgraded (940eb0ce4d) and it seems to be working fine for me. I am not sure why yours is missing?

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I think this is happens when a user self delete the topic (OP).

I created a topic with a non-staff (TL1) user and than delete it with this user. This user can undelete the topic OP with clicking the Screenshot 2022-10-13 at 9.59.13 icon.

But in this situation staff users can’t see the undelete Screenshot 2022-10-13 at 9.59.13 icon. And I think this is because the user decided to delete the topic and there is no reply yet so user free to delete it.

There is only a wrench button which is also not contains undelete…

And the topic actions buttons also not contains.

If this is the case I think the only way to undelete the topic OP from staff side is open the topic and revert the topic history.

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I’ve just had a quick go at this @dodesz, and based on the screenshot in the OP [1] the icons are red, so it means that the post has been deleted rather than at the ‘visible but (topic deleted by author) stage’.

Once it’s been deleted I can see, as admin, the un-delete options as normal:

Though if it’s still at the visible ‘(topic deleted by author)’ stage then it hasn’t been deleted yet and counts as a post edit, in which case you’d be right. :slight_smile:

  1. image ↩︎


Ah yes you right :slightly_smiling_face: but you can only undelete to the (topic deleted by author) status.

I don’t know what scenario cause this. :confused:

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