Topic keeps getting deleted

I have a topic at my site that someone (let’s call them X) posted and then deleted because of some erroneous information. I undeleted it and asked X posted a correction underneath their original post.

Since that time the topic keeps getting deleted. I’ve undeleted it twice and it looks okay but after a little while it appears as deleted again.

What’s going on?


Is it possible that the user in question keeps deleting it? I’ve had users who would rather delete posts than endure the “embarrassment” of correcting themselves.

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Check your log (admin/logs/staff_action_logs) to see if the user is deleting them. The log will show those posts that were both edited and deleted… and by whomever deleted them. You can click on the information icon for more info as well.

Some users have changed their minds about keeping a post for that and many other reasons. Sometimes it’s just one of those situations where one feels it’s just better to forget what they were going to say. Sometimes you just have to accept their reason, even if one isn’t given. :wink:


Users can’t insta-delete topics or posts, though. All they can do is trigger a 24 hour pending delete, which will be a public intent stated in the topic or post, like so:

(post withdrawn by author, will be deleted in 24 hours unless flagged)

Additionally, you can only do this for topics if they have no replies, and the topic is 1 day old or less.


this happens for us as well when a topic gets deleted by the system, that is 24 hours after a post is deleted by the author, there is no way to bring it back; even if we recover it, it gets deleted automatically again after 30 min.


I’ve talked with the user and, as far as I can understand, they’re not constantly deleting it. They were actually surprised about it, as they alerted me to the issue in the first place.

Here’s what my logs look like:

(Thanks @JimPas for the suggestion!)

Any ideas? Any more data I can provide to help troubleshoot the issue? It seems that @Pad_Pors may have encountered something similar.