Seen lots of threads asking if Discourse is free when self hosted but nothing about the plugins

Are all plugins included and free when self hosting Discourse?

Thanks in advance.

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Not included, you have to install those by yourself. But it is piece of cake. Nowadays those are free.


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Some plugins come pre-installed out of the box these can be found by the included-in-core tag.

However, as Jagster said above, any other plugins you’ll have install yourself.

Here is a guide on how to do that :wink:


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The available public plugins can also be found here: plugin, same for the theme-component.

The official ones (supported by the team) have the tag official.

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“All plugins” is a well with no bottom, I can only speak for ours.

We (CDCK) don’t sell any plugins, they’re available to use according to the license in the respective repo. (example)

But other entities are free to sell access to or otherwise license plugins they create.