Recommnded plugins for supporting a tech community run by a big enterprise?


The plugins listed in Discourse pricing | Discourse - Civilized Discussion, I assume they need to be installed separately when self-hosting? Or do some of them come preinstalled when performing a cloud installation? Please bear with me if dumb question. :slight_smile:
Which official plugins would you recommend to have installed from day one supporting a tech community run by a big enterprise?


Assign, Solved, Custom Wizard, Chatbot, Private Topics should get you pretty far.


Hello and welcome @Andreas_Jakobik :slight_smile:

As a self-hoster, you would need to install most of the plugins you want to use. There are some that come bundled with the core installation (like Chat, Footnote, Spoiler, Checklist, and others), but most would need to be added if you wanted them.

The website has a selection, but the full list of our official plugins can be found here :discourse:

And the bonus to being self-hosted means that you can also install third-party plugins if you like as well, like the ones from pavilion :pavilion:

I think there a lot of useful ones, but Solved, Assign, and Data Explorer are probably top of the list.


For large organizations with a lot of internal documents and policies, Iā€™d also add the Docs and Policy plugins to the list.