Selecting posts+replies miscounts the number of posts

I have a topic with 53 replies. If I go through the topic and individually select each individual post in the topic, I get 53 posts selected. :+1:

If, however, I go through the topic and use the select +replies button (where available, just a plain select otherwise), I end up with a count of 60 posts:

And in fact, if I deselect a post that has a reply to it, the count goes down by one. But when I do a select +replies again, the count goes back up by two!

Why does this matter? Well, for one, if the system thinks you’ve selected as many posts as there are in the topic (or more), you lose the ability to create a new topic from the selected posts! This is how I noticed the bug in the first place:

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This is very amusing:


That is amusing. This may be happening because it may be selecting lock, unlist, and other moderator messages in that count.

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That was my initial thought, too, but there are no such moderator messages in that test topic.


I was just looking into this but I couldn’t reproudce. (I am running the master of discourse last commit is e7e23e8d9ce73ac61b970d5192f9f4af90b3a87c)

I have created a topic, and did normal posts and reply posts. And I got consistant result. When I choose select+replies, it will autmotically select the post and its replies.

Note: The topic, posts and replies were all created by the same user.

Edit: I was able to reproduce when I unselect and then reselect. I think the porblem is when unselecting the “select+replies” and then unselect

  • It will not unselect the replies
  • When choosing the “select+replies” again, it will double select the replies (though already selected)

I have just open a PR to suggest a fix FIX: double selecting replies by ghassanmas · Pull Request #17086 · discourse/discourse · GitHub


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