Single signon and email change

We have set up a Discourse installation with single signon though Drupal, and sso overrides email active.

A user logged in the first time with his Drupal account, which was created with the correct email.
He then changed the his email in Drupal, and now would like to see the change reflected in Discourse.
Is that possible?

Once the user logs in to Discourse again, the e-mail address will be re-synced. As the help text for sso overrides email says:

Overrides local email with external site email from SSO payload on every login

(Emphasis added)

If you want to see the change immediately reflected in Discourse, you’ll need to have your Drupal site make an API call into Discourse to update the user’s details (which, now I think about it, might not work with sso overrides email… you’ll need to test that). This is necessary because Discourse isn’t constantly pinging the SSO provider saying “hey, what’s the e-mail for this user now? How about now? Aaaaaand… now?”, so the only time Discourse gets told that the e-mail address has changed (absent the sort of API call I suggested above) is when the user logs in and the SSO provider gives Discourse the bundle of user data to use.


The Italian translation of that help text seems outdated :slight_smile:Thanks.
I think he already tried though. I’ll check and bother you again if it doesn’t fix it.

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