[Sell] Custom Android App for your Community

Hello everyone! :wave:

After publishing “How I made a powered-by Discourse app using Kodular”, I have decided to create custom Android apps for communities based on Discourse :eyes: (And maybe for iOS in some future)

While it is true that Discourse is a more than complete web application, I have noticed that many people ask or would like a “native” mobile application for their community, and that is what I am here to offer today.

I will be offering different “plans” according to the needs, which initially will be the following:

Name Price Features Maintenance / Updates
:octopus: Octupus 50 USD - APK/AAB for Google Play Store
- Basic “Reader Mode” (Similar to this)
- WebView Mode
- Custom Branding
6 Months :white_check_mark:
:farmer: Farmer 65 USD - All of Octopus
- Custom App Layouts
- Push Notifications *
- Integration with 2 plugins (discourse-onesignal excluded)
- Posting/Reply from “Reader Mode”
9 Months :white_check_mark:
:genie: Genie 90 USD - All of Farmer
- Integration with 5 plugins (discourse-onesignal excluded)
- Integration to custom services (For example a feed, other APIs, etc)
1 Year :white_check_mark:

Any of these plans can be discussed if necessary.
Once the maintenance and update period expires, I will provide the client with the source code of the application (not distributable); in case of a drastic change in the :discourse: Discourse API that could corrupt the application, the fix will be done regardless of whether the maintenance period expired.

For verified educational and/or open source projects, the Farmer plan will be provided for free :smiley:

My Inbox (PM) will be available for any questions, or my email: hello@yanquisalexander.me :envelope_with_arrow:


Sounds interesting! Do you have a model app that can be installed from the play store?


At the time of writing the post I have uploaded one, but it is still under review.

I have another one that is only available for Uruguay, but I will make the APK available for test


:warning: That apk is the one I currently have on my phone but it’s not the latest version (I’m away from home) so some things may not work properly (but they’ve already been fixed).
I will update this link later


For some strange reason it is not allowing me to update the previous reply :thinking:

Anyway, this is the most updated APK so far (Rincón Estudiantil):


:white_check_mark: Now Web View Mode is enabled by default (Login is required to enable Reader Mode, but we need to allow anonymous browsing)

In a few days I will be publishing a version based on Discourse Meta :discourse:


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