Selling discourse theme

Hi all,
I had a quick question regarding discourse themes, is it allowed to sell theme created on discourse on 3rd party sites such themeforest etc?
I am unable to find such information and that is why I wanted to know this.

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I don’t see why this should be a problem (assuming, obviously, that you have the copyright for the theme you’re selling). :slight_smile:

While Discourse is GPL-licensed which requires derivative works to also be GPL-licensed, I’d say that considering a theme to be a derivative work is pretty far-fetched – most likely, you’re only shipping CSS code and your own assets anyway.
If you want to be​ 100​ % safe, wait for a reply from someone from Civilized Discourse Construction Kit, Inc. on this subject.

I different case could probably be made if your theme included significant portions of (modified) Discourse source code, e.g. handlebars templates.


Cool :slight_smile:
Glad to know this, I also don’t know if Themeforest or other websites allow selling discourse theme.