Amazon Woots Theme

While randomly exploring new themes I’ve discovered this incredible piece of art which IMO should be a reference for how modern, and uncluttered Discourse theme should be:

I wonder, is there any possibility to replicate this beauty? given that the entire CSS is already revealed through Chrome dev tools (common-scss-discourse-woot-theme.scss).

Any help is much appreciated.



I’m excited about this theme and I believe it should be released to public, following Discourse open-source philosophy, I can provide the category logos templates and/or any required material to assist you (Of course if you accepted to give it a try).

Also I may provide up to $1000 if required, as I’m willing to help in releasing this theme for everyone to use for free.

I’m glad you like the theme but often our customer themes are paid for and owned by the customer. They’re not part of the core open-source Discourse platform.

If you post in #marketplace you may be able to find someone willing to recreate it for you. I can say that their theme isn’t particularly complex and could be built by someone familiar with Discourse themes within a couple of days.


Thank you for quick response, as per my understanding based on your reply, this theme is a sort of proprietary. So, is replicating it could raise any legal issues?

And as I can see, it should be based on the default light theme, am I right?

I’m by no means a legal expert and can’t provide legal advice, but I think as long as you avoid using their images (which they own) and parts of their brand (like their name, logo, etc) it shouldn’t be a problem to recreate the layout. It’s not dramatically different from some of our defaults anyway… the main differences are the banner and the way the categories/images are structured on the homepage (the desktop category page style setting called Categories and latest topics gets you part of the way there).


Hi there. I work for Woot! as the forum moderator so thank you for the compliment. We have a great UX person that did the work and our dev team put it together (with Discourse assistance as needed). It’s definitely copyrighted and owned by us. So not open source.

Feel free to borrow the look & feel but definitely not the images, graphics, etc. In other words, don’t try to be Woot! :smiley:


Thanks for your interest, as you’ve said, the point is to inspire theme creators with such modern look and feel, by replication I didn’t mean cloning, of course nobody wants a bunch of woots/monkeys images to fill his/her website for no valid reason :grinning: