Semantic full page seach starts right away on mobiles

When searching something on desktop semantic search starts when advanced search is opened. With mobiles semantic search starts immediatelly when typing starts.

That leads wasting of tokens if and when an user stops writing and starts wondering:

Expected behaviour is same as on big screens, like this:

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That is something I wanted to report too.
It is not only a waste of tokens but also confusing.
Searching from /search always starts an AI search after typing 3 characters. So, you continue to type, but the AI results don’t change until you click search. If you don’t do that because you notice there are already results, the results don’t fit your search term.

Those are the results for “Doc”


Thanks for bringing this up @Jagster

As of commit f7277d2 , we’ve updated the behaviour of semantic search so that AI search only begins after pressing the :mag: Search button.


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