Copy Quote button appears to anons

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It seems to me that it isn’t by design to show this button to anons. I think there is no reason to copy quote when logged out.

Screenshot 2024-01-28 at 15.38.40

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I think I understand why you would say that.

I believe it’s still useful for sharing outside meta. [quote] is fairly common, and I can see contexts where you have another Discourse (or another platform) and want to share some details found here or for educational/research purposes. :thinking:


Yeah, I thought that too, but the copy quote contains the post: number and the topic: number, which means if I share this on another site, then it will point to the actual site post/topic. :thinking:

[quote="Sam Saffron, post:1, topic:1, username:sam"]
Welcome to meta, our official discussion site

On my site :arrow_down_small:

In composer

Post (now it points to the support category topic which is the post: 1, topic: 1 on my site)


You’re right, a very good point!


Thanks for reporting this Don. It is an interesting issue.

I think we should keep the button visible for anon users. The problem you show would also happen if you were a logged in user and posted the quote to another discourse instance, this would happen too.

I’ll bring it up with the developer who implemented this and see if there is some sort of middle ground we can come up with. :smile:


When is the additional formatting helpful for anons? What is the advantage compared to simply copying the text?
With additional formatting, I mean:

[quote="NAME, post:POSTNUMBER, topic:TOPICNUMBER, username:USERNAME"]


It seems unlikely that an anon user wants to post on that discourse site they copy the quote from. They should not use it on another discourse site. So where do anons need this formatted quote?


I didnt meen to keep the formatting there, just that the button should remain for them. :smile:

But then the button does not add anything on mobile, does it?


Since we don’t allow anonymous users to use the Quote button, we’re going to remove the Copy Quote button for them, too, so we can be more consistent about the access these types of users have.


Fix is done here:


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