SendInBlue Smtp Setting not working correctly

Hello, everyone!
I tried to use SendInBlue for my Discourse Forum. And set variables in discourse.conf like these:
smtp_address =
smtp_port = 587
smtp_domain = [My domain]
smtp_user_name = '[My SendinBlue username]'
smtp_password = "[Master password of sendinblue smtp setting]"
smtp_authentication = login
smtp_enable_start_tls = false
smtp_openssl_verify_mode = none
smtp_force_tls = false

And rebuild my forum.
Now I can send test mail correctly in my admin panel.
But the issue is that users are not receiving other emails such as activation_email, forgot_password_email, login_email.

Also I can’t find any logs about other emails in my SendInBlue account.

Please help me to solve this issue.
Thank you.

You don’t set any variables in discourse.conf when installing Discourse with the official install guide. They should be environment variables in the app.yml file.