Sending a test email provides no feedback / confirmation

As per title.

Steps to replicate:

  1. Go to /admin/email
  2. Enter a valid email address in the “email address to test” box
  3. Click Sent Test Email

Expected behaviour:

  1. A pop out / modal with a confirmation message as per sending a user invite:

– Or

  1. A confirmation message as per sending a Preview Summary email:

Actual behaviour:

The line on which the email address form and the Send Test Email button flashes quickly - and no confirmation is presented to the end user.

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I think this is more UX than a bug.

There isn’t a feature here which was broken by a change, right? You’re asking for the test mail interface to be changed.

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I’ve only used it today for the first time so I can’t advise if it worked before, or not :blush:

It is a good idea to show something here indicating it was sent, can I give this to you? Easiest possible, simplest lowest risk method please @techAPJ


This issue was fixed via: