Sending Bulk User Invites

Use the Name, not Full Name. The Name field is a slug which identifies the group and is used everywhere from @ mentions to in-page styling. The full name is just a friendly name to present to users.

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Are these emails(ivites) sent with any interval of time?

I wouldn’t want the SESto consider it spam, etc., etc. How does it work? Is it safe?

I would like to invite (transfer 3000 users) from the old forum and is this the best way to do it?

Or maybe it’s better to use an autorespnder or a sendy, etc.?

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I am getting an invalid email address error with bulk invites. The address and file look fine to me. Am I missing something?
This is the content of a test file:,Sosl

(I just created this account so can’t upload a file yet :wink:

Just tried another test. I added a 2nd line to the file (so 2 email addresses). The invitation went out fine to the 2nd address, but still reports the first (first line) as invalid.,Sosl,Sosl

Can you repro the above @techAPJ?

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I am not getting any error inviting:,Sosl,Sosl

… where group Sosl exists. Both invites are sent successfully on my local dev setup.

Make sure your CSV file is UTF-8 encoded and does not contain any invalid character in first line.


Hi. Did confirm the file is UTF-8. This is an Excel file saved in csv format. I retyped the first address and tried again. I still get the error that the first address is rejected as invalid, but the second address (second line) is processed correctly.

I’m still too new to upload files, but maybe after today :wink:

They will now, as per: