Separate oauth url for signup vs login

Is it possible, using the oauth basic plugin to define a separate OAuth URL for the signup button versus the login button? Alternatively … is it possible to externally calculate the signup state code (or retrieve via the API) ?

The use case is… I would like to be able to externally send an invite email with properly formatted url to the Oauth provider bringing the user directly to the Oauth signup page rather than making the user choose login, and then look for the “create new account” link on the oauth page.

If I try it just using the oauth signup url, a user can create a new account on the Oauth signup page, they are re-directed to the Discourse account creation page, and then presented with the error message:

“Sorry, there was an error authorizing your account. Perhaps you did not approve authorization?”

I’m assuming it’s because I don’t know the “state” parameter for the URL because one hasn’t been generated.


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I have a similar question i.e. the need to direct new forum users to a signup URL…